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The Oblates presence in Bolivia dates to 1952. From the beginning members of the congregation have accompanied the mining communities in Oruro, Potosi, Catavi and Llallagua. Over the years their missionary presence has expanded to La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz.

Today, more that thirty priests and brothers maintain a vibrant missionary presence in the country. In addition to parish work, the Oblates are engaged in formal and informal education, economic, social, political and theological analysis, mining and environmental issues, medical care for the poor and work with women’s groups.

A beacon of hope and a vehicle of solidarity that has been part of the congregation’s work since 1959 is Radio Pio XII in Siglo XX. More recently CEPA in Oruro and CEPROMI in Cochabamba have been organized to expand and support the work of the Oblates. CEPA is a research and education center on the environment in the high Andes. CEPROMI is a library and progressive publishing house.

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