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How do Eco-Missions work?

An Eco-Mission is an eco-spiritual education for parishes led, until 2009, by Fr. Darrell Rupiper, OMI. Fr. Darrell would stay with the parish for three successive weekends and two full weeks. He preached at all of the weekend liturgies. During the week, he offered four evening sessions in Spanish and/or English, as needed. DVDs, videos, articles, books, and magazines were provided to participants of the program.

On the second weekend each parishioner would receive a list of twenty-seven practical Earth-Care suggestions. At Mass the following week, parishioners were asked to make a written commitment to action. These commitment sheets were held high during a prayer led by the celebrant and repeated by the congregation at the offertory of the Mass.

Some pastors encouraged parish groups to attend these sessions, asking that regular meetings be canceled for the week. Leadership in the parish were encouraged to attend the sessions so they also could  learn the subject matter.

A key component of these Eco-Missions has been a final organizational meeting for those who want to learn more and work together to try to preserve a healthy quality of life on our planet. At that meeting, temporary leadership and possible activities would be identified. The group was also left with resources. Each group designated a person to be in contact with Fr. Darrell.

He welcomed the opportunity to talk to other groups such as senior citizens, CCD classes or other school children. Radio, newspaper and television interviews were also welcomed.

Father Darrell carried out Eco-Missions around the country. “Parishioners frequently express their gratitude for the fact that this topic is being address from the pulpit and dealt with in our churches. Pastors and staff always express surprise at the number of people attending the sessions,” Fr. Rupiper reported.


As part of his ministry, Fr. Darrell has provided contemplative quotes regarding the integrity of creation.

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