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Cisco Shareholders Vote Down Oblate-Proposed Plan for Tax Transparency December 14th, 2022

Fr. Séamus Finn, OMIDirector, OMIUSA JPIC, OIP

Fr. Séamus Finn, OMI

“While payment of taxes does not rank high on anybody’s wish list, they are the contributions that individuals, organizations and institutions make at all levels so that governments can function and fulfill their responsibilities. Many corporations seek to hide from the public how much they pay in the different countries in which that they operate around the world. As shareholders and citizens, we believe that access to this information allows us to verify for ourselves if they are compliant in these matters and paying their fair share to support   the common good, relieve the dire poverty and suffering of many and help to build a sustainable future for all. The OIP and the OMI USP have been leading proponents of this request with Cisco, Amazon and Microsoft, three of the largest companies resisting this proposal”. “This resolution with CISCO was supported by 27% of the shareholders last week, a vote total that is considered very acceptable for the first year that a resolution is presented, and allows us to present the resolution again in 2023”

Click here to see a report on Cisco’s action by Kevin Pinner for Law 360



Oblates Demand Corporate Leaders Adopt Responsible Climate Change Practices April 7th, 2022

By Fr. Séamus P. Finn, OMIDirector of OMIUSAJPIC and OIP

One of the most important developments in missiology, (which I understand to mean “engagement” with the world), at the institutional/organizational level over the last 25 years, has been a consideration of how the vision and mission of different religious entities reflects and integrates the call of the Gospel, the Church’s tradition and the Charism of their founders in both their policies and operations. Put more concretely, “are these entities walking the talk” and how well aligned are their operations and marketing with the religious identity and name that they embrace.

For more than 40 years the Oblates of Mary Immaculate have asked this question and worked assiduously to find ways to integrate this approach into the management of any trusts, endowments or foundations for which they are responsible. For this purpose they have developed and continue to refine a Faith Consistent Investment policy to guide those responsible for managing these funds.

Read the full article at OMIUSA.ORG.


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