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Blessed Oscar Romero of El Salvador: Prophetic Option for the Poor

1 Junio 2015

“A Church that does not join the poor in order to speak out from the side of the poor against the injustices committed against them is not the true Church of Jesus Christ” — Blessed Oscar Romero



Photo Credit: (CNS/Octavio Duran) – undated painting.

Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador was beatified on May 23, 2015. His legacy of standing with the poor still lives on today. We ask through the intercession of Archbishop Romero that we may all work with and for the poor, justice and oppressed of the world.

Blessed Archbishop Oscar Romero’s life and witness continue to inspire millions of people around the world to reflect on how to live out the Gospel in light people of justice and peace. Archbishop Romero killed while celebrating the Mass in 1980.


Prayer inspired by the witness of Blessed Oscar Romero

We ask that like Blessed Oscar Romero

we will not be afraid to risk all that we have to follow you,

to stand with the poor and oppressed.

May you grant us the same courage you gave

Blessed Oscar Romero:

That we will feel what we are afraid to feel

That we will not be overwhelmed

by all that needs to be done

but that we will follow you,

And trust that you will walk with us

on our journey of discipleship,

wherever it may lead.

May our walk be one of true solidarity

As Archbishop Romero’s was.

And in life and death

May we bear much fruit.


– Adapted from Being Church: speaking out with the poor –       Catholic Relief Service prayer resource for Blessed Oscar Romero


To learn about the Church of El Salvador visit the Catholic Relief Service.



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