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Ask Congress to extend the expanded Child Tax Credit to support families and fight child poverty!

December 17th, 2021

Photo Courtesy of Pexels, Karolina-grabowska

This month, an estimated 35 million families will receive a monthly Child Tax Credit payment to help make ends meet. This will be the last monthly payment unless Congress acts to maintain the expanded Child Tax Credit. The expanded credit has been an extremely effective anti-poverty program, lifting 3.8 million children above the poverty line. If the expanded credit expires, the amount of help families receive will shrink, monthly payments will end, roughly one-third of households will no longer be eligible to receive the full credit because their incomes are too low, and the lowest-income families will be cut off from the credit all together. 

Urge Congress to extend the expanded Child Tax Credit so families have continued access to needed monthly support.


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