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Focus Areas: Human Dignity: Economic Justice
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International Trade

The Oblate JPIC Office works with the US Interfaith Trade Justice Campaign, an interfaith coalition that educates and advocates for fair and just trade measures. Through constituency education and advocacy with the US government, the Oblate JPIC office has striven to foster global trade and investment policies that promote economic and social justice, human development and ecological sustainability.

The JPIC office has actively promoted fair trade initiatives through collaborative partnerships with local communities where Oblates are in minstry, specifically in Bangladesh and Zambia. Marketing in the US has been explored at the national level through the Oblate development offices and in some local oblate communities. The relationships established through these partnerships provide needed support to local communities and allow them to share the richness of their cultural heritage as expressed in their crafts.

A number of US oblate communities and ministries also participate in fair trade purchases of coffee and tea, and support local farmer’s markets.


The U.S. Interfaith Trade Justice Campaign, is working to mobilize the faith community to advocate for more just and equitable trade policies.

Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, Trade for People Global Campaign

War on Want – A British NGO that challenges the root causes of poverty, organizing for policy change to eradicate poverty in the developing world.

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