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Border Working Group

The Border Working Group (BGW) is a coalition of faith-centered and human rights groups based in Washington, D.C. In dialogue and collaboration with our partners on the border, we come together out of concern for and in solidarity with migrants and those who live within the U.S./Mexico border areas.

Migrants take incredible risks to cross the border in search of economic opportunities in the United States. They are forced to leave behind families, work in low wage jobs offering no benefits, and live in fear of detention or deportation by immigration agents. Without legal status, migrants have no recourse against abusive employers.

Through advocacy and education, the Oblate JPIC Office works to see that the policies of the U.S. government toward all migrants are created out of a sense of compassion, respect for human rights, and an acknowledgment of the vital role migrants play in our economy and society.

The Oblate JPIC Office also participates in the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Justice for Immigrants campaign, which has an accompanying Spanish site.


The Root Causes of Migration (Download PDF)
Immigration Resource for Priests (Download PDF)

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