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Focus Areas: Human Dignity
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Migrants and Refugees

Inspired by the charism of St. Eugene De Mazenod and rooted in principles of Catholic Social Teaching, Missionary Oblates JPIC recognizes the urgency for genuine solidarity to millions of migrants and refugees. The Missionary Oblates JPIC advocates for the dignity and right of all migrants and refugees. These men, women and children have been forced from their own countries due to conflict, poverty, discrimination, human rights violations and lack of opportunity.

The Missionary Oblates in the United States have a long history of serving immigrant communities and appreciate the rich contributions immigrants and refugees make as members of church and society. The Oblate JPIC refugee program supports initiatives that seek increased collaboration and advocacy on behalf of refugees.

The Issue

The current broken immigration system needs reform. Millions of undocumented immigrants are still living in the shadows. Thousands of immigrants have died along the U.S./Mexico desert border. Today, more refugees are fleeing wars and persecutions than ever on record. They are seeking protection in the United States. As people of faith, we cannot stand by while immigrant families are being separated from loved ones and refugees not protected and welcomed.

What We Are Doing

Through education and advocacy, we work to ensure that U.S. immigration and refugee policy is enacted out of compassion, respect for human rights and an awareness of the vital role of immigrants in society. Oblate JPIC and its partner organizations support actions for humane immigration reform and refugee policies.

What You Can Do

We need your support in urging Congress to take action by passing comprehensive immigration reform legislation and protecting asylum seekers. People of faith and local communities must stand in solidarity with immigrants by supporting actions for immigration reform. Join us, as we stand to meet the challenges of anti-immigrant proposals and obstacles to comprehensive immigration reform. Stand with us as we take a collective mission to advocate for migrants and refugees.


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