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Focus Areas: Integrity of Creation
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Greening the Congregation

“Creation is gifted with all kinds of resources that are entrusted to the stewardship of the human family. As they are not unlimited, we have to preserve them for ourselves and for future generations. Competition for scarce resources creates conflict, whilst the conservation of nature and natural resources contributes to justice and the maintenance of peace. These are three interlocking elements in the journey of the human family: justice, peace, integrity of creation. We have to work on all three levels. Vade Mecum p. 5

Oblate Resolution

In March 2001, the Provincial Council adopted a resolution designed to “Green” the Congregation. This calls for us to:

  • conserve energy and natural resources
  • provide environmental health and safety to all Oblates and staff
  • integrate environmentalism into Oblate missionary work according to Rule 9a of the Constitution and Rules – “Action on behalf of justice, peace and the integrity of creation is an integral part of evangelization.”

Simplifying lifestyles is an important way to become more ecologically responsible – another means to deepen our involvement in social justice issues and environmental concerns. The resolution of the Provincial Council recommends that we:

  • seek to decrease harm to the environment
  • reduce waste and dependency on raw materials through recycling
  • conserve energy and water
  • purchase products that are non-toxic, recyclable and minimally packaged.

Read the Resolution (Download PDF)

For practical ideas on how to live out the resolution, see:

Oblate Ecological Education Resources:

These brochures are now also available in Spanish. Visit the Spanish part of our site and look for the post: Nuevos Folletos sobre Uso de Agua, Alimentos, Productos de Limpieza Inofensivos, Comercio Justo y Más!


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