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Call on Congressional Republicans to Adopt Family-Friendly Immigration Reform January 24th, 2014

Call Your GOP Member of Congress and Urge Inclusion of a Path to Citizenship for Immigrants and a focus on Family Unity in the Republican position on immigration reform

March in LA 2

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives meet EARLY NEXT WEEK to plan their way forward on immigration reform. They could announce their reform principles by the middle of week.

Catholics and other supporters of immigrants and their families are strongly encouraged to call their GOP Members of Congress on Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 27 and 28, and ask that these two elements be included in their immigration reform principles:

  • Include a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants
  • Maintain family unity by preserving the family immigration system.

Use this toll free number, 1-855-589-5698, to be connected to your Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Thanks to the USCCB Justice for Immigrants for this Action Alert!

Urge Congress to Extend Unemployment Insurance December 13th, 2011

Take Action Now!!

Millions of American families are relying on federal unemployment insurance in this tough economic climate. Nearly two million Americans will lose their unemployment insurance in January alone – and over 6 million in 2012 – if Congress lets the extension expire on December 31st.

Congress must act now to extend unemployment insurance. Tell your congressperson to renew the Federal Unemployment Insurance program through 2012.

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Action Alert: Let’s Avoid Another Financial Crash! November 17th, 2011

Ask your Members of Congress to increase funding for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Rapid action is needed to get Congressional funding for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission – the agency set up to prevent another financial meltdown. The Senate has found money for other programs, but is severely underfunding the CFTC. Please use the link provided here to email your Senators to ensure that we avoid another financial crisis:

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Faith Advocates for Jobs Can Help the Unemployed and Their Families August 23rd, 2011

The Faith Advocates for Jobs website is up and running: Please check it out.

It contains all you need to know about FAJ and how you and your congregation can participate in their campaign to support the unemployed and the underemployed. Advocate for policies that will put people back to work and help transform our nation’s struggling economy! The unemployed and their families need you.


Urge Senators to Ratify the “New Start” Treaty December 8th, 2010

Pax Christi is asking members to Urge our Senators to approve the New START anti-nuclear treaty this year! As Catholics, we are motivated by our faith to protect people from indiscriminate and disproportionate weapons, including nuclear weapons.

Why is New Start so important?

• New START will reverse the US’s diminishing knowledge of Russian nuclear weapons. It has been almost a year since the expiration of the original START treaty, and since then there have been no inspections into either side’s nuclear arsenal. Under the new treaty, there will be 18 short-notice inspections each year.

• New START is a precursor to progress on additional weapons reductions. This includes reductions of tactical nuclear weapons, which are not covered by New START.

• Delaying New START will harm ongoing non-proliferation efforts. This treaty demonstrates our commitment to limit the spread of nuclear weapons. If the U.S. allows it to fail, we will lose momentum and the authority to lead on nuclear non-proliferation.

• Delaying New START will have a damaging impact on our relationship with Russia. This will affect a number of areas, including limiting Iran’s nuclear capabilities and supplying troops in Afghanistan. The Obama administration has worked to “reset” relations with Russia, and New START is a crucial component of that effort.

  • Send your Senators an email
  • Call your Senators via the Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121
  • Organize friends, family, neighbors, and community leaders to make their voices heard.

What is the Catholic Church saying about the treaty?

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