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News Archives » comprehensive immigration reform

New OMI JPIC Immigration Resource Available April 22nd, 2010

OMI IMMIGRATION REFORM JPIC Brochure _7_The OMI JPIC Office has launched a new resource on immigration. The 11 page booklet contains educational and advocacy tips about issues related to needed immigration reform. Now that health care is finally off the Congressional legislative agenda, representatives may be able to take up this pressing issue.

The booklet, “Oblate JPIC Immigration Resource: Immigration is Matter of Faith” is designed to offer insights useful in discussing immigration reform and exploring possibilities for solidarity with immigrants. Contents include:

  • Faith communities concern for migrants; Questions for Reflections; Catholic Social Teaching on Migration
  • Why Comprehensive Immigration is good; Current Immigration legislation in Congress.
  • Principles for humane immigration policies and reasonable border control
  • Talking Points on immigration and ways to express solidarity with Immigrants
  • Quotes by Oblates reflecting about migration

Download the immigration resource here. (Download PDF)

Updates will be made as an immigration reform bill nears the congressional floor for debate.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Promises New Immigration Bill in 2010 April 12th, 2010

DSC_7184-1Congress is back to work in Washington D.C. after the Easter recess, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has promised new legislation on immigration reform in 2010. Senator Reid, facing a tough re-election campaign, appeared elated by the crowd of thousands rallying for immigration reform in downtown Las Vegas last Saturday, and said he would start work on a new immigration bill when lawmakers returned from the Easter recess. “We are going to pass comprehensive immigration reform,” Reid told the crowd. “We need to do this this year. We can’t let excuses like a Supreme Court nomination get in the way.” Reid promised the legislation would include provisions to secure the north and south borders, revisions to a guest worker program, and provisions to deal with illegal immigrants already in the country.” As momentum to introduce a senate version immigration reform overhaul continues, it is important to know where your Senator and Representative stand on Immigration Reform….

Faith Groups Join March for Immigration Reform March 23rd, 2010

Oblate JPIC at Imigration Rally 3-21-10

Fr. Fernando Velazquez OMI from Houston and George K. Ngolwe, Oblate JPIC staff, march for immigration reform

On Sunday, March 22, over 200,000 people from around the country rallied on the National Mall in Washington, D.C to pressure the United State Congress and President Obama to work to reform the broken immigration system. The faith community was joined by tens of thousands of people from civil rights, immigrant, family and labor groups.

The March for America targeted the Democratic majority in Congress and the Obama Administration with a simple message saying that comprehensive immigration reform needs to be a priority now. “If it is not, don’t count on us  to turn out for the November 2010 congressional elections,” warned the activists.

Fr. Fernando, OMICardinal Roger Mahony of the Los Angeles Archdiocese told the crowd that the Catholic Church stands with immigrants and is in this fight until the end. Cardinal Mahony denounced the continuing immigration raids and decried the fact that children continue to be separated from their parents. He said the rally would force leaders in Congress to hear the stories of immigrants’ daily struggles.

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Oblate US JPIC Committee Gathers in Godfrey, Illinois October 19th, 2009

US JPIC Committee Members and Staff Visit Shed Dedicated to Darrell Rupiper, OMI on the CSA at Godfrey, IL

US JPIC Committee Members and Staff Visit the Shed Dedicated to Darrell Rupiper, OMI on the Community Supported Agriculture Project at Godfrey, IL

On October 15 and 16, the United States Province Oblate Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) committee held a bi-annual strategy meeting in Godfrey, Illinois to review, share progress and discuss how to continue the JPIC work most effectively. Part of the agenda included brief updates from staff from the Washington JPIC office, the Oblate Ecological Initiative based in Godfrey and the General Service office in Rome. Committee members also reported on their JPIC work.

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Catholic Principles for Comprehensive Immigration Reform October 19th, 2009

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington testified on behalf of the U.S. Catholic Bishops in Congress about Comprehensive Immigration Reform on October 8 before the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and Border Security on Comprehensive Immigration Reform. The hearing sought faith-based perspectives on comprehensive immigration reform.

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Cardinal George, OMI writes President Obama, Articulates Priorities of the Catholic Church January 23rd, 2009

Francis Cardinal George, OMI – as President of the US Catholic Conference of Bishops – has written President Obama counseling him not to “…reverse current policies against government-sponsored destruction of unbom human life”. (Download PDF of the letter)

In a second letter focusing on a broader range of issues, Cardinal George outlines the principles and priorities that guide the public policy efforts of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). In it, he outlines an agenda for dialogue and action, and expresses the desire to work together with the new Administration “…to defend human life and dignity and build a nation of greater justice and a world at peace”. The focus is on the needs of the poor, the marginalized and the unborn, and included a call for the renewal of responsible international leadership. (Download PDF of the letter)

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