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Transparency and Reputation: There Is No Place to Hide April 8th, 2014

Father-SeamusReputation, brand and image are very important priorities for corporations, organizations and institutions. These characteristics and the products and services that they provide are closely related. Because we are now able, in most instances, to put a quantitative value on reputation, brand and image, they are considered as important to overall worth as the products and services that a corporation offers.

Welcome to the age of globalization, the worldwide web, social media and the 24/7 news cycle.

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The Inequality Debate Heats Up! February 14th, 2014

Father-SeamusWhat started out as a slogan that surfaced at the height of the Occupy movement — the 1 percent vs the 99 percent — has morphed into the hotly debated issue of inequality, especially income inequality. Across a broad spectrum ranging from Pope Francis to billionaire Tom Perkins, a variety of reflections, analysis, explanation and apologies have been offered.

The executive director of the International Monetary Fund, Ms. Christine Lagarde, entered the conversation at the macroeconomic level when she stated recently at Davos, “The gap has been widening tremendously, particularly over the last ten years and it has widened in all corners. You look at the U.S. economy. You look at the Brazilian economy. You look at some of the developing countries although to a lesser degree, but it does… that inequality has expanded.”

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Pope Francis and the Social Responsibility of Corporations December 20th, 2013

Father-SeamusFr. Seamus Finn, OMI argues that the “recent distraction about the purported “Marxist” beliefs of Pope Francis pronounced by people who have obviously not taken the time to read his recent exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium”, (The Joy of the Gospel) is just that, a distraction.”

The real news, intentionally buried by this distraction, is that a growing portion of the business community acknowledges that their “social license to operate”, their corporate charter and their commitment to “good citizenship” demands that they integrate the social values and policies that the Holy Father and others in the faith community espouse into their business models.”

Read more about how the corporate sector is responding to the demands for more ethical and sustainable practices. Read Fr. Finn’s latest blog on Huffington Post. 

A Strong Dose of Mo Needed August 23rd, 2013

Father-SeamusFive years after the near meltdown of the global financial system, federal regulators are still struggling to institute reforms, and build in protections for the millions of ordinary consumers exposed to risk due to a lack of regulation. They are up against the banks and other financial firms, which have spent billions on lobbying against the proposed regulations.

In this recent blogpost, Fr. Seamus Finn, OMI calls on everyone to remember how close the global system came to utter disaster, and how much the lives of ordinary people were turned upside down.

He argues, “We need to get the rules and regulations that respond to real needs and to the needs of communities across the country. The social purpose of the financial system and the institutions that operate in that space must be given priority over quarterly profit goals and expectations.”

“This would be a good time for all banks and their trade associations to work more constructively with regulators to keep the momentum going in the right direction, to restore confidence and rebuild trust.”

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“Money Has to Serve, Not to Rule” July 10th, 2013

Father-SeamusIn his latest blog on Huffington Post, Fr. Seamus Finn, OMI looks at what the Pope and the SEC Chair have to say about the state of the money economy. “On the one hand, Pope Francis has been raising fundamental questions about the social purpose of the financial system and the ethical and moral policies and practices of the institutions and individuals that operate in that space. During her confirmation hearings, the new SEC chair [Mary Jo White] has reiterated the core mission of the commission and other regulators in supervision and analysis and in guaranteeing both the transparency and accountability that are the foundation for sound capital market operations….”

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