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Pope Francis and Shareholders United in Priorities May 28th, 2013

Father-SeamusIn this blog on Huffington Post, Fr. Seamus Finn OMI examines the connections between faith-driven shareholder activism and a recent talk by Pope Francis on some of the important issues that have been publicly debated since the near collapse of the financial system.

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Lives Destroyed, Dreams Crushed and Cheap Clothes April 29th, 2013

Father-SeamusThe collapse of a large eight-story garment factory in Savar on the outskirts of Dhaka a few days ago has resulted in numerous images, stories and reports. The loss of more that 300 lives, most of them young parents, alongside the countless number that have suffered serious injuries, has resulted in immeasurable pain, suffering and anger.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the spotlight has been directed on the garment industry in Bangladesh.

Read Fr. Finn’s latest blog on Huffington Post…


Ketchup or Sequestration? February 27th, 2013

Father-SeamusOne stream of the analysis of the January retail numbers focused concretely on the impact that the reinstatement of the payroll tax had on the paychecks of more than 160 million U.S. workers and therefore on their spending habits. At the stroke of midnight on Dec. 31 the temporary rolling grand bargain on the fiscal cliff immediately brought lower paychecks to many households. For workers earning $50,000 in annual salary, that means $80 a month slashed from take-home pay, a bag of groceries weekly.

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Fleeting Responsibility Abounds in 2013 January 30th, 2013

We were greeted in early January with yet another announcement about a settlement between regulators at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Federal Reserve with 10 major U.S. banks concerning charges of abusive and faulty practices in the home foreclosure process. This time the amount was $8.5 billion. It included relief of varying amounts of money for those who were victimized in the process.

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New Year’s Resolutions and Corporate Social Responsibility January 10th, 2013

The year-end transition is again replete with the consideration of resolutions concerning possible changes in behavior, activities or other patterns of action. Little seems to be known or reported about how many of these benchmarks or objectives are fulfilled or about how contented those who made resolutions are as the New Year unfolds.

Read Fr. Seamus’ latest blog on Huffington Post…

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