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Nuclear Weapons

In the opening paragraph of the 1983 pastoral letter, “The Challenge of Peace; God’s Promise and our Response”, the bishops of the United States write:

The whole human race faces a moment of supreme crisis in its advance toward maturity.” Thus the Second Vatican Council opened its treatment of modern warfare. Since the council, the dynamic of the nuclear arms race has intensified. Apprehension about nuclear war is almost tangible and visible today. As Pope John Paul II said in his message to the United Nations concerning disarmament: “Currently, the fear and preoccupation of so many groups in various parts of the world reveals that people are more frightened about what would happen if irresponsible parties unleash some nuclear war.

The Oblates in the U.S. have taken seriously this teaching and participate actively to diminish the threat posed by nuclear arms. Many have addressed this issue in their preaching and teaching, some have participated in campaigns and marches, while others have engaged in civil disobedience and been imprisoned for their actions.

Nuclear disarmament continues to be a priority for the Oblates and is an active part of their Faith Consistent Investing program.

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