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Immigration Reform Now is Good for the U.S. Economy

April 13th, 2009

Recent signals from White House officials that President Obama will address immigration reform this year are welcome. Among the issues of concern is the fate of the 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the shadows of our society.

Ant-immigrant groups are inserting fear and intimidation into the debate with phone calls and emails to the Democratic leadership in Congress to abandon any effort for immigration reform. This opposition comes despite overwhelming evidence that a majority of Americans agree that the current immigration system is broken – they support reform and oppose “enforcement only” tactics.

The other opposition to reform is based on the slowing of the U.S. economy. Critics are saying that the United States can not afford to assimilate more immigrants at a time when many Americans are losing jobs. The time is not right for immigration reform, they argue. In response to this argument, there is no evidence to support the claim. Furthermore, critics fail to offer an alternative ‘right time’ for immigration reform. Every time immigration reform has come up for congressional action, they have been opposed.

To the contrary, several experts conclude that immigration reform is good for the U.S. economy as there will be a big increase in federal revenue, economic activity and production by new immigrants, as well as better wages for all workers. Immigration reform will help the economy as more immigrants move out of the shadows and open bank accounts, invest, and create businesses. New legalized immigrants would have opportunities for legitimate employment and the fair salaries needed to buy goods.

Take Action Now for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and stop the fear mongering by anti-immigrant groups.

Call President Obama and thank him for moving Immigration Reform in 2009. For English Call: 866-584-3962. For Spanish Call: 866 583 2908

Fax: Take a minute to send a Fax to Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi to tell them to stand strong with President Obama and pass immigration reform in 2009. Visit America’s Voice to fax your Message.

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