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Call Congress today: Follow Haiti’s example and drop the debt February 19th, 2010

changenotchainsbannerThe most impoverished countries in the world still pay $100 million per day in debt service to the wealthiest countries. Because they can’t invest those resources in health, education, services, and infrastructure, they are more vulnerable to catastrophes like the one Haiti has suffered.

Please help us flood Congress with calls to support expanded debt cancellation for the poorest countries.

Learn more and take action using our Action Alert

What’s Happening at the UN? February 18th, 2010

RTEmagicC_UN_all_43rd_Session_UN_Commission.jpgCommission on Social Development

The 48th Session of the Commission for Social Development met at UN HQ in New York February 3-12. The theme was “Social Integration,” taking into account its relationship with poverty eradication, full employment and decent work for all. Learn more about the CSD…

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World Bank Joins the IMF in Seeking Debt Reduction for Haiti January 21st, 2010

haitian debtThe World Bank announced today that it is taking steps to cancel Haitian debt owed to the institution. The institution announced a $100 million grant on January 13 in response to the earthquake. The Bank released this statement:

“Currently, Haiti’s debt to the World Bank, which is interest-free, is about $38 million—about 4% of Haiti’s total external debt. Due to the crisis caused by the earthquake, we are waiving any payments on this debt for the next five years and at the same time we are working to find a way forward to cancel the remaining debt.”

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IMF Loan Changed to a Grant January 20th, 2010

haitian_childrenUnder pressure, the IMF has changed its US$100 million loan to a grant. Dominique Strauss Kahn, the head of the IMF, has called for a major multilateral aid plan to rebuild the shattered Caribbean island of Haiti where the rescuers are still struggling to save lives after last week’s devastating earthquake.

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Haitians in US Granted Temporary Protective Status January 15th, 2010

Haitian refugeesThe Obama Administration late Friday afternoon announced the granting of Temporary Protective Status to undocumented Haitians currently living in the United States. This Protection is for a period of 18 months and will apply only to Haitians already in the US. The Administration had suspended deportations of Haitians immediately following the massive earthquake on Tuesday that devastated Port au Prince, the Haitian capital.

The Oblate JPIC Office welcomes this development. Thanks to everyone who responded to our Action Alert on this.

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The People of Haiti Need your Help January 14th, 2010

Port au Prince is Devastated; Food Supplies are threatened elsewhere in Haiti

Port au Prince DevastationMost Oblates are believed safe, but news is still minimal.

Relief aid is urgently needed. Donatations are being accepted by the US Oblates – click here.

While the US is responding vigorously, policy changes are still needed.

– Official assistance needs to be in the form of grants, NOT loans.
– All of Haiti’s debts need to be cancelled;
– Temporary Protective Status (TPS)should be granted to undocumented Haitians in the US.

Learn more – Read our Action Alert on Haiti for more information and suggested action.

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