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Consistent Life: Peace & Life Connections March 29, 2013

March 29th, 2013

We reproduce the Consistent Life “Peace & Life Connections” weekly newsletter on this website. If you are interested in more information, or in subscribing to the e-newsletter directly, please visit Please note that we do not edit the content of this publication.

153 NNSAKansas City Nuclear Weapons Election

It’s crunch time for your humble editor (Rachel MacNair) working on the April 2 election in Kansas City, Missouri: Question 3 stops the city from giving any more financial incentives to the local plant for making non-nuclear parts for new “modernized” nuclear weapons.

See for more details, and be sure to tell all your friends who vote in Kansas City, Missouri – and all your friends who have friends who do – how important it is to go vote yes on Question 3 this coming Tuesday.

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Ongoing Action Idea

CL Board member Tony Masalonis sends in: “Below are URLs of a few sites that list upcoming executions. I use this info – ideally a few weeks before the date – to research the status of the case, and sign any petition I find online, and usually write to the governor and/or other decision maker via their web site or via email (or call, especially if the date is very near). If the official I’m writing to is pro-life for the unborn, I thank them for that and ask them to be consistent (though not so directly).

“My dream is to have a coordinated nationwide effort to maintain a detailed, updated status page of all executions and exactly what can be done, and when, and in communication with whom, to be the best voice for sparing the given prisoner. I’ve approached a few anti-DP organizations about this but no joy yet.”

Here are the sites:

pro-death penalty and not always up to date.

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What Strategies Do We Favor?

People argue over the relative merits of lobbying for legislation, praying, street demonstrations and rallies, political campaigning, civil disobedience, writing letters, working on life-affirming alternatives, direct work with victims, and all manner of public education. Some people think specific strategies are useless or even wrong, and others find those same strategies crucial while finding others to be useless.

Consistent Life decided our stand on this (as voted by the Board in April 2010): we embrace all strategies that are nonviolent and honest. We don’t cherry-pick certain strategies for some issues, but eliminate those strategies for another issue. The violence we name in our mission statement takes human life, and all human life is of equal value, so all honest non-violent strategies are embraced. We don’t need to argue over which is best; people only need to decide for themselves what they think is best in order to decide which actions they themselves will take. Our main point is: get out there, and do it!

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Quotation of the Week

Mark Crutcher, Life Talk News, February 2013

Discussing government funding for Planned Parenthood in the state of Texas.

They act like Planned Parenthood is the only health care provider in the state . . . but there are thousands of clinics in the Texas that aren’t getting this money that could be getting it . . .

And I think there’s something that needs to be said here. None of these politicians that defend funding Planned Parenthood – not one of them – is getting their health care from Planned Parenthood. What they’re saying is, “I wouldn’t go there . . . but it’s good enough for these poor people.” . . . Why do we say that poor people’s only option for health care is to go to abortionists?

153 Crutcher

Life Talk News, left to right:

Troy Newman, Rev. Johnny Hunter, Fr. Frank Pavone, Jill Stanek, Mark Crutcher.

Mark has criticized the consistent life ethic, but Johnny and Frank are supporters.

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