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One Rechargeable Battery Can Replace 1,000 Regular Batteries

January 19th, 2011

Did you know? People in the United States buy three billion batteries every year. That’s about 10 batteries for each person in the country, including babies. Most of these batteries are made to be thrown away. But rechargeable batteries are made to be reused. These batteries aren’t perfect. But they are better for the Earth than disposable batteries. One rechargeable can take the place of up to 1,000 regular (single use alkaline) batteries during its lifetime. Yep, that’s right 1,000! Amazing, no?

Make the batteries that you use last longer:

  • Take them out of equipment that you are putting away for a while.
  • Don’t put batteries (or things that have batteries in them) in really hot places. Heat shortens a batteries’ life.
  • Don’t use old batteries with new ones. It wears out the new ones faster.
  • But most important use rechargeable batteries.

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